New Head Shot

Geoff Brown started "presenting" at around the age of 6-years old when he gave his first on-stage piano recital where he was already learning how to connect with and engage an audience, just not realizing it yet.

He went on to begin a retail sales job at the age of 13 in a small electronics store where the owner paid him a commission on top of every sale which led to an early understanding of how to effectively communicate with people and the monetary reward that followed.

From there, he entered residential real estate sales and continued a successful career for many years, even starting several of his own brokerages. He also was approved to teach real estate licensing classes early on in his career and immediately knew it was his passion; to be able to provide others with the tools necessary to succeed in real estate sales.

From that point on, his career has been focused on training and coaching others with a deep interest in helping people become comfortable speaking in public. This is what ultimately led to him starting a company devoted to helping others succeed in speaking, presenting, and sales no matter what the subject matter or item to be sold.


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